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Points To Note When Using Waste Paper Baler

Sep 23, 2020

Points to note when using waste paper baler

  1. The operator who uses the waste paper baler must be familiar with the principle of the system, the action sequence of the palm root system and the adjustment method of each component.

  2. Before starting the equipment, check whether all the motion mechanisms and solenoid valves are in their original state, and check the liquid level in the oil tank. If the oil is insufficient, the hydraulic pump is not allowed to start.

   3. Generally, the oil temperature should be controlled within the range of 35-55 degrees. In winter, when the temperature in the mailbox reaches 25 degrees, the sequential action of the actuators is not allowed. The heater should be turned on for heating, or the oil pump should be started to run the pump dry. In summer, when the oil temperature is higher than 60 degrees, cooling measures should be taken, pay close attention to the system for heating, and stop the pump in time if there is a problem.

  4. For the waste paper baler that has been stopped for more than 4 hours, the pump should be run dry for 5-10 minutes before it can work under pressure.

   5. Before starting the machine, please inject 25 kg of gear oil (one refueling can be used continuously for more than 10 years), and tighten the oil filling hole plug of the waste paper baler after refueling.