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Popularizing Prospect Of Straw Bale Bale Silage Bundling Machine

May 21, 2018

Emperor bamboo grass wrapped bale silage bundler promotion prospects: wrapping silage, micro storage emperor bamboo grass the advanced system of grass technology pioneered the Thailand ecological breeding, scientific rearing cattle and sheep new bright spot. It can provide the necessary means for Thailand agriculture, animal husbandry from low value, low yield to high value, high income and resource saving and labor saving, and it is a magic weapon for farmers and herdsmen to get rich.

Using microorganism to Emperor bamboo grass wrapped packet processing, both economic and environmental protection, in order to aquaculture industry solve the issues of forage, can make the smooth development of animal husbandry, human and animal food fight problem can also be alleviated. This is a mature and reliable is the world's most advanced silage, micro storage technology, has been widely used in the United States, Europe and other developed countries. In Thailand with the development of animal husbandry, forage, increasing demand, especially in the transformation of the mode of production of animal husbandry, cattle and sheep "feeding" after the implementation, professional provide forage and forage industrialization production becomes an inevitable trend, wrapping silage, micro storage emperor bamboo grass forage emerged. This is the realization of intensive farming, large-scale operation of the best way.

The promotion prospect of the straw bale bale silage bale silage is the first nutrition and high grade. Wrapping micro storage emperor bamboo grass palatability good, acid flavor, fruit flavor, cattle and sheep like to eat, and nutrition utilization rate is high, nutrient composition is improved, and the same level of other forage ratio: the content of crude protein and crude fat were can improve the original content of a few tenths of a percentage point; doubling of amino acid, B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and other trace elements content can reach or exceed other forage quality standard. Second is a small pollution, sanitation good. Where the long-term edible wrapping silage, micro storage emperor bamboo grass animal manure in Escherichia coli, Salmonella can effectively controlled, effectively reduces the infectious diseases; and animal manure ammonia concentration, odor concentration were decreased to 26.5pm and level below 2.5, greatly reduce the air pollution. In addition, wrapped in bamboo grass wrapped wrapped wrapped tightly, no leakage, body size, easy storage, greatly improving the feeding environment, is the best way to solve the contradiction between rural environment and development of the. Third is to improve the immune capacity, to achieve green meat, milk.