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Precautions For The Use Of The Electrical System Of The Waste Paper Baler

Sep 28, 2020

Precautions for the use of the electrical system of the waste paper baler

        (1). The input power of the waste paper baler is recommended to adopt a three-phase four-wire system, and reliable grounding protection must be carried out before use. It is recommended to use a 3×35+1×10mm square cable for the input lead.

  (2). Before starting the main motor, check whether each operating element is in the reset state.

   (3). When starting the main motor, press the "Main Motor Start" button first, and then immediately press the "Main Motor Stop" button to observe whether the rotation direction of the main motor is consistent with the direction indicated on the label. If not, adjust the three-phase power phase to make it consistent .

 Remember: When the motor rotates in the opposite direction to the indicated direction, the time cannot exceed 2 seconds, otherwise the main oil pump will be damaged.

   (4). For electrical systems with phase failure and phase sequence protection, when the main motor does not work after pressing the "Main Motor Start" button, you can switch any two wires of the three-phase wire to each other to start normally.

   (5). When the machine is stopped, the packing operation should be stopped first, and then the main motor should be stopped.

   (6). The motor should not be started frequently, and it is best not to start continuously more than three times.

   (7). After the motor is overheated and automatically cut off, if you want to force the motor to start. For short-time work, the pumping speed must be reduced. And ensure that the working current of the main motor does not exceed 1/2 of the rated value.

  (8). When the machine needs to be eliminated due to a malfunction, be sure to cut off the working power supply.

  (9). There should be a time interval of no less than 2 minutes when the working power is cut off and the power is turned on again. Otherwise, the controller may work abnormally.

   (10). When there is no emergency, please do not press the "emergency stop" button switch at will, otherwise electrical components and hydraulic components will be damaged.

   (11). Regularly check the electrical component joints and fasteners, and replace the electrical components when necessary.

   (12). The electrical maintenance of waste paper baler should be carried out by professional electricians, and electrical safety regulations should be strictly followed.