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Precautions For The Use Of Waste Paper Baler

Jul 28, 2020

Precautions for the use of waste paper baler:

1. Please confirm the power supply used by the machine. Don't insert the wrong power supply. The machine adopts a three-phase four-wire system, and the flower line is a grounded neutral line for leakage protection.

2. Do not cross the track with your head and hands during operation.

3. Do not touch the heating plate directly with your hands.

4. Do not wash the machine with water. When the workplace is wet, operators should not work barefoot.

5. When the machine is not in use, please rewind the tape in the storage bin to the reel to avoid deformation in the next use.

6. Do not stick oil on the surface of the conveyor roller.

7. Remember to unplug the power when the machine is not in use.

8. Do not change the parts on the machine at will.

9. The main parts should be lubricated with oil frequently.

The battery of the waste paper baler is one of the simplest and worst parts. We can’t neglect the question of the battery of the waste paper baler. Why? Because it is the power source of the waste paper baler, but the battery of the waste paper baler The mobile phone battery has the same service life. Although the service life will be longer, there is no guarantee that there will be no shortcomings in the use process. Here are a few for you:

1. The tightness of the waste paper baler is not strong. Generally, when the battery loses power and has reached the end of its service life, it will appear that the bundle is not tight. At this time, the user can take another battery and try it in the past. If it can be used, it proves that it is not a question of the waste paper baler, but Questions about the battery.

2. The indicator light is off. There are two reasons why the indicator light is not bright, one is the defect of the indicator light, and the other is naturally the defect of the battery.

3. Motor rolling is sluggish. The rolling of the motor of the waste paper baler during the incident is very powerful. Assuming that the waste paper baler flashes a low sound during the use process, then the general environment is the battery shortcoming, either it is lack of electricity, or the service life is reached. , The battery can no longer store power, which constitutes an abnormal incident.