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Problems With Semi-automatic Waste Paper Baler

Oct 13, 2020

      Sometimes there are some unimaginable failures and problems in the work of semi-automatic waste paper packaging opportunities, so how do we solve these problems? Let's study together next.

        The common problems of semi-automatic waste paper baler include: no action after the oil pump is started, the oil cylinder crawls during operation, the "oil drag" phenomenon on the piston rod, the piston rod strain, the oil leakage in the pipeline, the pipeline during operation Problems such as high vibration noise, high oil pump noise, insufficient oil supply or no pressure of the oil pump, and milky white milky oil.

        When the semi-automatic waste paper baler reaches the bag length and needs to be threaded, the main pressure cylinder must be stopped at the front limit. We have now added electrical protection to this situation, and early customers generally did not pay much attention to this situation. After the threading is completed, the threading machine must be retracted to the rear limit before the main pressure cylinder can be retracted. This is to protect the threading machine from being damaged by the main pressure cylinder.

        The malfunction of the oil pump after starting is because the spool of the overflow valve is stuck and the pressure regulating handle is loose. To clean the overflow valve, check the valve core and spring, adjust the tightening handle. The oil cylinder crawls during operation because there is air in the cylinder body or the system, and the air must be removed by multiple operations. The oil drag on the piston rod is due to the aging and failure of the sealing ring. The solution is to replace the sealing ring. Piston rod strain is caused by the intrusion of sand particles and other dirt in the dust ring. The treatment method is to replace the dust ring, clean and replace the dust ring, and repair the scratched area. The oil leakage in the pipeline is because the pipe joint is loose and the O-ring falls. The treatment method is to re-tighten the pipe joint or install and tighten the O-ring. The vibration and noise of the pipeline is loud when it is working, because the pipe clamp is loose, and the pipe clamp screw must be tightened. The oil pump is noisy because the oil pump sucks, the filter is blocked, the suction pipe or the pump inlet is blocked, the plunger is broken, and the bearing is broken. The treatment method is to clean or replace the filter and clean the pipeline; replace the new plug and bearing.