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Production Of High Quality Silage Straw Feed With Silage

May 30, 2019
The success of grass straw silage, is to create a complete anaerobic environment. It depends on two factors, one is the use of high density baling silage baling machine, two is to prevent air penetration. High density baling is through the excellent performance of the silage bundling machine; and prevent air penetration depends on the quality of wrapping film, the tensile stretch film is the best way of grass and straw silage processing and storage, take the lead in short growing season in Europe and Canada. At present in the European countries 20% grass straw silage using stretch wrapping film method, in Sweden reached 40%, in Europe and North America, the grass straw silage with stretch wrap film annual growth rate of 15%. At present, the main grass straw silage process is winding packaging silage and bag type silage.
Wrapped packaging silage. A round bale silage by 9YY-55 silage bale packing machine of an organic whole, the forage compaction, made into a circular shape. Then the package machine, stretch film for the bale wrapped up tightly.
Good forage silage should meet the following criteria: pH value of 4.5, water 50-65%, 4-7% lactic acid, acetic acid and butyric acid is less than 2.5%, less than 0.2%, N-NH3 accounted for 5-7% of total nitrogen, ash less than 11%, with excellent quality of grass and straw wrapping bag silage and silage, because the production speed and high density compaction by grass straw silage the good sealing performance, fully fermented lactic acid bacteria, according to the detection of moisture content of forage silage straw bundle 53.7%, the crude protein content of 14.37%, 4 percentage points higher than hay, crude fat 2.52%, crude fiber 19.87%, 7.68% lower than hay, feeding in the cold season field comparison of Inner Mongolia 9-12 month, feed silage the average daily gain of beef cattle pasture straw 0.63 kg;
Hay to feed their cows average daily reduction of 0.1 kg in weight, from July began using silage straw feeding cows, milk extension of two months, the average daily milk yield increased by 5-7 kg and many regional test show that the winding packaging silage and bag silage technology is currently the world's most advanced silage technology, has obvious advantages than the traditional cellar: less investment, quick effect, high overall efficiency, good quality silage, high crude protein content, crude fiber content is low, high digestibility, palatability, high feed intake, smell fragrant, greatly improve milk yield. Loss of loss, loss of enzyme, loss of fluid and fluid loss were greatly reduced. Long shelf life can be as long as 1-2 years. Not affected by the seasons, the sun, rain and the water table, can be stacked in the open air. Convenient storage, convenient for taking and feeding. Application of high temperature and cold places. Save the kiln cost and maintenance cost, save the kiln occupy land and labor, improve the environment, easy to transport and commercialization. Can be arranged according to their own circumstances at any time and time to produce, and each batch of storage due to different. Recovery and utilization of waste straw stalk membrane.