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Promote The Outflow Of Backward Production Capacity Guangdong Provincial Department Of Industry And Information Technology Has Made Clear Requirements For Paper Companies

Apr 11, 2019

On April 1, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the "2019 Promotion of Outdated Production Capacity Exit Work Plan". Relevant departments will focus on 12 industries, including papermaking, steel and small thermal power, and focus on promoting energy consumption, environmental protection, quality, safety, and technology that fail to meet standards and produce unqualified products or eliminate production capacity.

In other words, Guangdong Province has made clear requirements for paper and paper products enterprises in terms of industrial energy consumption, environmental protection, quality and safety. Paper production capacity is bound to be cut in this wave of remediation.

Industrial energy consumption

1. Clarify the industrial energy consumption and push the production capacity out of the work list. Strictly implement the energy conservation law, focus on 12 key industries such as steel, cement, flat glass, papermaking, comprehensively sort out the implementation of enterprise energy consumption limit standards and ladder price, and implement the rectification of energy-constrained enterprises in 2018 to achieve energy-saving supervision and enforcement Cover all key industries and key enterprises, and clarify the list, work requirements and timetable of energy-saving supervision and law enforcement enterprises in 2019.

2. Implement industrial energy consumption limit monitoring. Focusing on the implementation of enterprise energy consumption limit standards and ladder price, we will carry out energy conservation supervision and enforcement. The production capacity that does not meet the requirements of the mandatory energy consumption limit standard shall be rectified within 6 months; if it is necessary to extend the time limit for rectification, an application for extension of not more than 3 months may be filed; if the application is not rectified within the time limit or has not been met after rectification, Close and exit.

3. Strictly implement the differentiated price policy. According to the relevant national policies and the actual situation, the energy consumption and electricity consumption can not meet the mandatory standard production capacity, and belong to the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2011) (Amendment)" ("Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue") The newly revised, in accordance with the revised version of the implementation of the elimination of production capacity, strict implementation of differential electricity prices, ladder prices, punitive electricity prices and over-quota water price increase and other differential energy resource prices.

Among them, the specific requirements for the paper industry are: the implementation of the energy consumption limit of the pulp and paper unit products (GB 31825-2015), if the over-limit will be rectified within a time limit, no rectification or rectification is not in place to shut down and exit.

Environmental aspects

1. Clarify the environmental protection aspect and push the production capacity out of the work list.

2. Speed up the transformation of clean energy in coal-fired industrial boilers.

3. Strict environmental protection law enforcement.