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Environmental Protection Continues To Be High Pressure Packaging And Printing Companies Need To Be Cautious

Dec 21, 2018

On December 15th, Li Ganjie, secretary of the Party Group and Minister of the Ministry of Eco-Environment, said at the Nanning Annual Meeting of the China Ecological Civilization Forum that next year, a new round of inspectors will be launched in full, and plans to use it for another four years. Or a regular full-scale inspector, the last year to carry out 'look back.'"

It is understood that as of December 6, the second batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors "reviewed" five inspectors have completed the inspector's work. During the stationing period, the inspector group accepted a total of 38,133 reports, and after the repeated reports, 37,679 pieces were transferred to the localities, and 26,873 were completed.

According to the arrangement, the inspector groups have entered the introspection report drafting and problem file sorting stage, and arranged special personnel to continue to pay close attention to the local side supervision and change the situation to ensure that the unreported mass report can be timely investigated and put in place, openly in place, and accountability in place. Ensuring that the mass report items are implemented and echoed.

At the Nanning Annual Meeting of the China Ecological Civilization Forum, the speech of the party secretary and minister Li Ganjie of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment undoubtedly reaffirmed the attitude of adhering to environmental supervision and ensuring the development of the ecological environment. Obviously, environmental protection will continue to be high pressure, packaging and printing companies should not relax their vigilance.