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Safety And Choice Of Speed Regulation Mode Of Waste Paper Baler

Aug 06, 2020

In the process of a working cycle, the empty stroke speed of the waste paper baler is generally higher, and there are different movements and different loads in different working stages. Therefore, in the hydraulic system, the flow rate and pressure of the hydraulic pump are often determined according to the required movement speed and the load to be received during the working phase. Then, without increasing power consumption, a fast loop is used to increase the idle stroke speed of the working mechanism. The fast circuit is characterized by small load (small pressure) and large flow. Double hydraulic pumps are now used for oil supply. The low-pressure human flow pump and the high-pressure small flow pump are connected in parallel. They supply oil to the system at the same time to realize the rapid movement of the hydraulic cylinder; when entering the work advancement stage, the system pressure rises and the solenoid valve opens, which causes the human flow pump to unload. Only a small flow pump supplies oil to the system, and the movement of the oil cylinder becomes a slow-moving work stroke.