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Several Factors Affecting The Use Of Waste Paper Baler

Oct 22, 2020

   In the use of waste paper baler, many problems may lead to the packaging of waste paper baler, so we need to pay attention when using it. In the control system of the baler, above the circuit board, open the control box cover, you can see the obvious adjustment knob, the temperature adjustment in the clockwise direction increases, and vice versa. The temperature is too high or too low, the bonding effect is not good, so do not adjust too much at one time, generally adjust between the scale line 4-5. If the power supply voltage of the waste paper baler is not normal, we should adjust it to 220V. Many factories usually have insufficient voltage. If a long cable is used, the voltage drop will cause the temperature of the soup to decrease, even if the motor burns out when tightening, it is not worth the loss.


  In recent years, waste paper balers can promote themselves through various channels. It is widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, department store, printing, medicine, chemical industry, post and telecommunications, textile and other industries to meet the needs of the public. However, when using the baler, there is a belt offset, so how do we test it?


  Regarding the quality of the strap, we must ensure that the strap is straight, rigid and has a low degree of skew. It is related to the friction and resistance where the belt passes. If the capacity of the waste paper baler is too small, it will cause the belt to be trapped in the magazine. If the road fixing screws are loose and the baffle is not flexible, it can also cause feed problems. Therefore, as long as you avoid these problems, you can make the waste paper baler run better.

  In recent years, mechanized production in China has become more and more common. In recent years, the development of hydraulic baler has become faster and faster. However, as products have more and more functions, the prices of corresponding products have also become higher. When talking about products such as balers, the first thing to talk about is the cheaper model. That is a manual packer. This kind of manual packaging equipment is now only suitable for some small and small products. Although the price is low, the work efficiency is also very low, completely manual operation, the work efficiency is not high, and the operation principle is relatively simple. The hydraulic baler is an automatic baler. Compared with the manual packing machine, the packing machine realizes numerical control operation, and the packing operation can be realized without manual operation equipment. Therefore, these technological advances have established a far-reaching development trend. With the help of technology, its development is also stronger.