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Sharing Of Requirements For Fault Diagnosis Of Waste Paper Baler

Mar 09, 2021

  The purpose of on-site fault diagnosis and treatment of waste paper baler is to prove the normal operation of the equipment, and then to prove the normal and stable production order. On-site technical and economic conditions also restrict actual work. Therefore, fault diagnosis should try to meet the following requirements:

  1, fast. The shutdown of key hydraulic equipment often causes the entire workshop and the entire production line to stop. In this case, it is necessary to work against the clock to solve the problem as soon as possible.

  2, ahead of time. In order to prevent losses caused by major failures of the waste paper baler equipment, failure analysts must have strong judgment capabilities. In the budding state of the failure, they can catch the signs of the failure and take effective measures to deal with it.

   3. Accurate. The more accurate the conclusion drawn, the less the cost and time to eliminate the fault, and the higher the ability to prevent the fault. Therefore, the fault analysis should not be too rough, and the face should be as deep as possible.

  4, simple and convenient. Because there are too many interference factors on the working site of waste paper baler, over-precision and complicated instruments are not necessarily suitable and expensive. Generally, simple methods should be used to directly analyze on-site problems. In order to reduce the labor intensity of workers and prevent the disassembly and assembly process from adversely affecting the accuracy of hydraulic components, repeated assembly and disassembly should be avoided as much as possible. This requires thinking of more methods in working procedures and analysis methods and finding out tricks.

   5. Correct. That is, the conclusion drawn must be correct, otherwise the fault cannot be eliminated and the packer equipment will return to normal.