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Since 2019 Customs Tariff Change In Uzbekistan

Jul 13, 2018

The rates were revised taking into account the following principles of customs and tariff regulation:

strengthening the regulatory function of customs tariffs, based on the priorities of the development of economic sectors aimed at harmonious integration into global value chains;

improvement of the system of tariff regulation of foreign economic activity, taking into account the best foreign experience, international principles and norms;

creation of conditions for providing local producers with raw materials and materials not produced in the country or produced in insufficient quantities and used in the export of export-oriented products;

preservation of the provision of favorable conditions for the import of modern technological equipment and equipment for the creation of new industries, as well as to further intensify the processes of modernization and re-equipment of domestic production, accelerated implementation of infrastructure projects;

unification of the rates of customs payments for goods similar in appearance, purpose, property and composition, goods close to the code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity, in order to exclude the cases of their classification in positions subject to lower rates of customs payments for customs clearance;

unification of excise tax rates on excisable goods, its application in respect of goods harmful to human health and the environment.


Thus, until the end of the year, current rates remain (see import duties, excise tax on imported goods). Recall, the draft document was posted for general discussion at the end of March. It was planned that new rates will be applied from May 1. Analyzing the figures presented by the project, we found out that more than 45% of the total number of current rates of import customs duties is declining.