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Understand The 6 Major Mistakes In Solid Waste Treatment, Avoid A Fine Of 1 Million Yuan

Apr 04, 2019

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes (Revised Draft) (Draft for Comment), which attracted widespread attention. The new law will be officially introduced in 2019.

In the big wave of environmental protection, printing companies must pay attention to solid waste treatment. Today, we will take you to learn the new "Solid Waste Law" and see what solid waste is available in printing companies!

The revised contents of the new "Solid Waste Law"

The revised draft of the "Solid Waste Law" consists of six chapters and 102 articles, of which 50 are amended (excluding the clause that only changes "environmental protection" to "ecological environment"), 14 new articles are added, and four articles are deleted. Among them, the content that is closely related to the printing enterprise and needs to be paid attention by the enterprise includes:

1 Strengthen the subject responsibility of the producer

In accordance with the principle of polluters responsible according to law, further emphasize that solid waste generators are the primary responsible for solid waste control, who is responsible for pollution, who is responsible for production and waste. Establish a solid waste discharge permit system, incorporate solid waste into the “one license” management of the discharge permit, and promote the implementation of the main responsibility of the producer.

2 Define the obligations and responsibilities of the relevant parties

If the producer needs to entrust others to transport, use or dispose of solid waste, it must be in the form of a written contract. The entrustment contract cannot transfer the statutory responsibility of the producer for solid waste management. Producers are prohibited from contracting or using false contracts to entrust others to transport, use and dispose of solid waste, and to prevent illegal transfer of solid waste in the name of sale.

3 Proposed producer responsibility extension

Increase the regulations on the extension system of producer responsibility, absorb and solidify the management experience of waste electrical and electronic products, encourage producers to carry out ecological design, establish recycling systems, and promote resource recycling.

4 Reforming the management system for the import of solid waste

We will comprehensively implement the “Implementation Plan for the Reform of the Import Management System for the Prohibition of Foreign Waste Entry into the Solid Waste” and reform the import management system for solid waste.

5 increase economic means

Connected with the environmental protection tax law, cancel the hazardous waste discharge fee, and increase the environmental protection tax provisions. Increase the provisions on compulsory liability insurance for environmental pollution, requiring mandatory hazardous waste enterprises to participate in compulsory insurance.

6 strengthen legal means

Added provisions on the seizure and seizure of solid waste, and the suspension of production and remediation, and increased administrative enforcement measures against illegal activities of solid waste. Amend Chapter 5 “Legal Responsibilities” to increase the maximum amount of fines.

7 Promote information disclosure and public participation