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Solution To Hydraulic Vibration Of Waste Paper Baler

Nov 05, 2020

In the normal use of waste paper baler, the hydraulic system of the equipment is more prone to failure. Sometimes the consequences of some slight vibration will affect the normal use of waste paper baler. How to avoid this phenomenon and the reasons for these phenomena are What? Now Ruitian Machinery will give you an analysis.

1. When manufacturing or repairing the waste paper baler, it should be assembled and cleaned in strict accordance with the standard requirements. Ensure that there is no pollution and no leakage during assembly.

2. Pay special attention to the joints of the pipes of the fastening equipment, apply butter on the gaskets to prevent the gaskets from deviating and damage during the tightening process, and strictly prevent leakage at the pipe joints.

3. Use even force when tightening the connecting screws everywhere, and use diagonal force when tightening the screws to prevent the flange from deviating. At the same time, pay attention to the sealing gasket should be uniform, and it is not allowed to use multiple paper pads.

4. The oil inlet and outlet pipes in the oil tank of the waste paper baler should be kept at a certain distance to prevent the foam generated by the oil return port from being sucked into the oil, which will cause the noise of the hydraulic pump. Of course, a baffle can also be added in the fuel tank to separate the oil suction port from the oil return port.

5. When cleaning the debris on the oil filter to prevent secondary pollution, the disassembled filter element should be blown off with an air pump and cleaned with diesel. If the filter element is seriously contaminated, consider replacing it. At the same time, note that the capacity should be sufficient when configuring the filter.

6. Ensure that there is enough hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank, and ensure that it is not lower than the oil mark indication line. If the oil level is too low, the oil pump will be emptied, affecting the operation of the hydraulic oil pump, and the oil pump may be damaged if the situation is serious.

7. The electro-hydraulic reversing part generally used in semi-automatic waste paper baler is externally controlled and leaky. In this way, a one-way valve should be installed at the outlet of the pump. One is to maintain a certain pressure, and the other is to prevent the oil from flowing back.

8. Improve the hydraulic system of the equipment to prevent the oil cylinder of the waste paper baler from crawling, and the necessary exhaust plug or valve is installed in the oil cylinder.