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Some Basic Troubleshooting Methods For The Conveyor Belt Of Horizontal Waste Paper Baler

Nov 26, 2020

   Nantong hydraulic horizontal waste paper baler is simple to operate and has complete models. Today, I teach some solutions to the failure of horizontal waste paper baling conveyor belts.

   Check whether the machine is working normally except for automatic tape feeding. If there are no malfunctions in other parts, it is likely that there is a problem with the potentiometer. Potentiometer, on the front of the waste paper baler, there are a total of four buttons on the operation panel, from left to right are the power switch, potentiometer, reset button, and belt feed button.

   The potentiometer of the horizontal waste paper baler is a rotary button with a scale around it, which is used to control the length of the automatic belt feeding after the packing is completed. If there is more than one tape sending and the automatic sending tape is no problem, it is mostly caused by a potentiometer malfunction.

   The debugging method, turn the potentiometer to a small scale, and then fine-tune, the machine can feed the tape normally within a range. If the belt feeding is normal in a certain section of the horizontal waste paper baler, it is certain that the potentiometer is faulty. The next step is to replace the potentiometer. It is recommended to use a precise control potentiometer.

   1. Use a small screwdriver to remove the small screw fixed on the black knob, and remove the black knob.

   2. Unscrew the fixing screw and pull out the potentiometer from the inside. It can be seen that the potentiometer has three outlet positions, two of which are connected to the computer board, and the other is open.

   3. Remember the wiring sequence and remove the potentiometer with a soldering iron. Then replace the new potentiometer.

   4. Reinstall the potentiometer again.

   Analysis of sales skills of small waste paper baler

  Nantong hydraulic small waste paper balers have fast packing speed and strong accuracy. To create a good sales performance of small waste paper balers, skills are required. The following is a simple analysis and understanding by our factory.

   1. It is necessary to have sufficient analytical capabilities, including the sales data of past small waste paper balers and other products, and to analyze the market development and change trends in a timely manner, and then formulate a series of complete production and sales plans, which means to follow the market The pace is advancing.

   2. Communicate more with users. As a real user, you can often provide manufacturers with more useful suggestions, such as very new production needs, suggestions on the improvement of small waste paper baler equipment, etc., only the most comprehensive users Suggestions can better produce high-quality products and create favorable conditions for sales. "