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Structure Composition And Working Principle Of Waste Paper Baler

Jan 04, 2021

Due to serious infections in modern society, people are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection, and they are more and more aware of ways to protect their living environment. The lead frame of the automatic waste paper baler is composed of 4 sets of wire devices installed on a frame. The entire lead frame is suspended on a central axis of the compression frame, and moves horizontally relative to the compression frame under the action of a hydraulic motor. The compression frame is a welded component, and the bottom is equipped with wheels, which can move horizontally along the main slide rail under the push of a hydraulic cylinder. The lifting platform is mainly formed by bolting two horizontal beams, and the lifting platform can move up and down in the vertical direction under the push of two hydraulic cylinders. The disposal of all discarded things has also become a top priority, and the waste paper baler has also undergone continuous transformation and innovation, which has played a very important role in environmental protection.

The main function of the waste paper baler is to pack the waste paper and the like into a packaging tape, and then squeeze it firmly to reduce the volume of the waste, thereby facilitating its transportation. The compression frame of the mineral water bottle packing machine is basically similar in structure to the compression frame, but there are 4 packing heads and 1 set of thread feeding device arranged on it. The packing heads of the waste paper hydraulic baler (4 in total) are the most complicated parts of the whole equipment and the most chained actions. The packing heads of each waste paper hydraulic baler have exactly the same structure and can be interchanged. Waste paper balers are also divided into several categories, such as automatic waste paper balers, semi-automatic waste paper balers, pressurized waste paper balers, and hydraulic waste paper balers. Horizontal waste paper baler, etc. A long time ago, we dealt with plastic or paper manually. We classified them into folding (meaning: folding a part of the object) and packing. It was a waste of labor and the squeezing was not good. The advent of waste paper balers was great. This confusion is solved to a certain extent. It uses the working principle of the machine to pack and recover the waste products, which saves manpower and material resources and minimizes transportation costs. The waste paper baler itself is small in size, and its own weight is light, and its movement inertia is small, so it moves relatively smoothly and flexibly.

Now companies and companies use a wide range of waste paper balers, not just for packaging waste paper. The automatic waste paper baler is a mechatronic product, mainly composed of mechanical systems, control systems, feeding systems and power systems. The whole packing process consists of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outgoing up, outgoing down, and receiving. It can also be moved to similar products, such as cartons, such as plastic strapping. The structure of the waste paper baler is also very simple. It consists of conveyor belts, unwinding belts, joint connection and cutting devices, rail racks and control devices. The waste paper baler is controlled by dual circuits, so the work is more stable and the adjustment is more convenient.