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The Automatic Waste Paper Baler Can Effectively Improve The Environment Of The Waste Recycling Station!

Sep 15, 2020

The automatic waste paper baler can effectively improve the environment of the waste recycling station!

   The automatic baler is made for environmental protection. This equipment solves the problem of waste plastic bottles, cartons and metal occupying space. Turn the piles of discarded plastic bottles, cartons, and metals into neat blocks. Say goodbye to the messy environment.

   Plastic bottles, cartons, and metal are common household wastes in our daily lives, especially large supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, etc. that have to deal with a lot of plastic bottles every day. In everyday households, plastic bottles left over after shopping are also very common. When dealing with plastic bottles, most people will throw the used plastic beverage bottle packaging outside next to the trash can, but over time, there will be too much garbage around the trash can, which affects traffic and also affects the appearance. As everyone knows, plastic bottles actually have more use value: plastic bottles can be processed again and recycled again, which not only saves resources, but also protects the environment. A lot of plastic bottles are needed to recycle. The high-quality automatic baler of Nantong Cotton Machine can be used to pack plastic bottles, squeeze and compact the discarded plastic bottles, and solve the problem of fluffy plastic bottles and inconvenient collection. The output is 6-8 packs per hour, which greatly solves the problem of collecting plastic bottles.

  The emergence of fully automatic balers has improved the environmental problems of waste collection stations. At the same time, the production efficiency is greatly improved.