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The Automatic Waste Paper Baler Has Excellent Durability, Complete Functions And Long Service Life

Oct 21, 2020

         The automatic waste paper baler has excellent durability, complete functions and long service life. The automatic waste paper baler is suitable for packaging and recycling of old things, waste paper, plastics, etc. The automatic waste paper baler is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.


Product features of automatic waste paper baler;

       1. It has a wide range of applications, high work efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is currently the most advanced non-metal packaging equipment.


       2. Automatic packing The flat size of the bale is uniform and automatic binding is simple and strong. The cooling system guarantees continuous operation of the equipment.


       3. Our factory sells directly to buyers at a competitive price, low consumption and efficient.


       4. Powerful energy-saving hydraulic pump station system, the oil cylinder density is 100 without leakage, the oil seal is imported, and the service life of the oil cylinder is prolonged, and the configuration is good and the quality is superior.

       5. The size of the compression chamber and the size of the block can be customized according to customer requirements.


       6. The pusher cylinder and the pusher head are connected by a spherical structure, which has good reliability and long service life of the oil seal.


       7. The feeding port is equipped with a distributed shearing knife, which has high cutting efficiency.


       8. Low-noise hydraulic circuit design, with efficiency and low failure.


       9. Easy to install, no foundation needed. A waste paper baler manufacturer. Mainly produce waste paper baler, automatic waste paper baler, waste cardboard baler, plastic bottle baler


When choosing a fully automatic waste paper baler, you must shop around. The comparison is not only the price, but also the quality of the baler and the market reputation. We learned a lot of this from our customers. After comparing several waste paper baler manufacturers, we chose the one with a lower price. Eventually, there are some phenomena such as failure to meet the production requirements, and the equipment quality is not up to standard. Affects production, the initial investment is low, but the subsequent maintenance, etc., delays the production time. Caused greater losses.