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The Difference Between Fully Automatic And Semi-automatic Waste Paper Baling Machine

Jul 14, 2020

The difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic waste paper baling machine

The use of waste paper baler is very extensive, and it is also divided into automatic waste paper balers and semi-automatic waste paper balers. So what is the difference between them? Let high-quality waste paper baler manufacturers introduce to you.

A key problem in recycling waste paper is how to solve the transportation problem. The recovered waste paper is relatively scattered, and it must be compressed and packaged and transported using a waste paper packaging machine. This can save transportation costs and make waste paper recycling profitable, which can also mobilize the enthusiasm of waste paper recycling industry. At present, for waste paper recycling stations, generally used waste paper baler equipment is semi-automatic waste paper baler equipment. Semi-automatic means that some tasks require manual operation, such as rope knotting. Waste paper balers now use hydraulic methods, mostly semi-automatic types. Therefore, it can be called a semi-automatic waste paper baler in normal times, and the equipment is driven by the power generated by the hydraulic oil.

Compared with the fully-automatic model of the waste paper baler, the only difference is the rope knotting process. Whether it is manual knotting or mechanical automatic knotting, the efficiency of the two waste paper baler is also different. The design of the Desiheng semi-automatic baler is constantly being updated, and the technology is constantly improving. The current design of the semi-automatic waste paper baler: the conveyor and the host work in unison, and both are controlled by various electrical components. PLC program microcomputer control technology, the operation is very simple and easy to learn, and the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is simple. In addition, PLC can be designed with manual and automatic operation modes. Manual operation controls the operation of the conveyor and the push plate by manual buttons; the automatic mode is PLC automatically controls the automatic operation between the conveyor and the host.

I hope that through the above introduction to the difference between a fully automatic waste paper baler and a semi-automatic waste paper baler, you can have a better understanding of the baler, so that you can choose a suitable waste paper baler.