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The General Administration Of Customs Cracks Down On Foreign Garbage Smuggling And Netting Operations

Dec 21, 2018

At 6 o'clock on December 19, with the order of the Secretary of the Party Committee of the General Administration of Customs and Director Ni Yuefeng, the fifth round of "Blue Sky 2018" began to crack down on smuggling. As of press time, the national customs anti-smuggling department knocked out 38 suspected smuggling criminal gangs, arrested 129 suspects, and verified 91,600 tons of waste plastics, waste slag, and ferrosilicon alloys, and obtained a large number of smuggling evidence. And frozen a large amount of illegal funds.

Since the beginning of this year, the national customs has carried out five rounds of high-density, cluster-type and full-chain strikes against the smuggling of "foreign garbage", and fully blocked the interception of "foreign garbage" smuggling and entry, a total of 479 criminal cases were filed, and criminal suspects were arrested 718. Names, destroyed 202 smuggling criminal gangs and verified the total amount of solid waste involved in smuggling of waste plastics, waste slag, and scrap metal, totaling more than 1.55 million tons. Through continuous and rolling high pressure, the smuggling momentum of "foreign garbage" has been effectively curbed.