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What Should I Do If The Hydraulic Baler Is Not Worn Correctly?

Jul 22, 2020

First, the automatic hydraulic baler is not threaded correctly. At this time, you need to open the front right door of the semi-automatic automatic baler (the panel is the front of the machine), and follow the "threading process method" indicated in the manual or the threading inside the right door Schematic diagram, wear the belt correctly. Another point is that there are foreign objects in the upper and lower extensions. The automatic packing machine has been used for a long time, and failed to clean and maintain in time, resulting in the accumulation of stolen goods in the machine (the packing belt is too wide, and there is a roll of packing tape with multiple joints), which makes the delivery of the belt not smooth and free. , More cleaning and maintenance should be done. Another point may be that the electromagnet is not working properly and the electromagnet is not working. First, check whether the welding head of the solenoid connection is off, and then check whether the coil is burned out. If there is no abnormality in both, check whether the electromagnet is displaced or blocked by stolen goods, so that the bullet can not move freely. Supplement (the magnetron and the circuit board should also check the connection).

Our friends who use hydraulic balers will ask such questions. What if the hydraulic balers are not worn correctly? Next, we will give a unified answer to this question, hoping to help you.

The above is the solution to the incorrect strapping of the hydraulic baler. If such a problem is known in the future use, it can be solved. If you have any problems during use, we will also Will answer for you for free, until you are satisfied, your support and trust are our greatest motivation. We will welcome your visit and serve you wholeheartedly.