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The Impact Of Waste Paper Baler Hydraulic Oil Not Cleaning On Equipment

Sep 16, 2020

The impact of waste paper baler hydraulic oil not cleaning on equipment

        1. Before using the waste paper baler, the hydraulic oil must be kept clean. Before use, the hydraulic oil may be contaminated by the outside during the storage process, or there may be errors. Therefore, always pay attention to the state of the oil before filling the oil. If you find any problems, you should deal with it in time.

        2. Keep the system clean before installing the waste paper baler. The system should be cleaned before installing the waste paper baler. When cleaning, it is best to use the working oil or test oil required by the hydraulic device. Do not use kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, etc. Do not use cotton yarn or cotton cloth to clean the fuel tank. When cleaning, the pump of the waste paper baler should be operated in a gap.

        3. Keep the waste paper baler clean before changing the oil. According to the requirements of use, the hydraulic oil of the waste paper baler should be replaced regularly. Before changing to new oil, the entire system must be cleaned. After the cleaned oil is poured out, it is replaced with new oil, and then it works after a test run.

        Only by doing the above three points can we effectively lay the foundation for the long-term use of waste paper baler equipment.