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The Importance Of Electromagnetic Relay To The Baler? Why Mandatory Installation!

Sep 08, 2020

The importance of electromagnetic relay to the baler? Why mandatory installation!

The electromagnetic relay of the waste paper baler is to undertake the operation hub of the electrical control cabinet and the waste paper baler. The relay of the waste paper baler plays a vital role in the application and development of the waste paper baler. The electromagnetic relay is generally composed of iron core, coil, armature, contact reed, etc.

The control electromagnetic relay is an electronic control device, which has a control system (also called an input loop) and a controlled system (also called an output loop). It is usually used in automatic control circuits. It is an automatic switch and weak current control circuit To control the working circuit of high voltage and high current, and can realize remote control and production automation, the classification methods are also different.

The electromagnetic relay is an important part of the automatic control circuit device. Its essence is a switch controlled by an electromagnet, which acts like a switch in the circuit:

1. Use low voltage and weak current to control high voltage and strong current.

2. Realize remote control and automatic control. As long as a certain voltage is applied to both ends of the coil, a certain current will flow in the coil, which will produce electromagnetic effects. The armature will overcome the return spring under the action of electromagnetic force. The pulling force attracts the iron core, thereby driving the moving contact and the static contact (normally open contact) of the armature to attract.

When the coil is de-energized, the electromagnetic attraction will also disappear, and the armature will return to its original position under the reaction force of the spring, so that the moving contact and the original static contact (normally closed contact) are released, so that they are attracted and released. , So as to achieve the purpose of turning on and off in the circuit.

For the "normally open, normally closed" contacts of the relay, it can be distinguished as follows:

The static contact in the off state when the relay coil is not energized is called "normally open contact"; the static contact in the on state is called "normally closed contact". The relay generally has two circuits, which are low voltage control Circuit and high voltage working circuit. The solenoid valve of the baler can be controlled by the pressure relay to realize the pressurization and pressure relief of the baler. When the system pressure reaches the setting value of the pressure relay, an electrical signal is sent out to make electrical components (such as electromagnets, motors, time relays, electromagnetic clutches, etc.) act, depressurize and reverse the oil circuit, and the actuators realize sequential actions. Or turn off the motor to stop the system and play a role in safety protection.