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The Importance Of Hydraulic Pump For Automatic Waste Paper Baler

Sep 27, 2020

The importance of hydraulic pump for automatic waste paper baler

       Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are the two core components in the hydraulic system. Their reasonable selection is very important for improving the efficiency of the system, ensuring the reliable operation of the horizontal waste paper baler, reducing energy consumption and reducing noise.

The hydraulic pump is a power component that provides a certain flow and pressure of oil to the hydraulic system of the horizontal waste paper baler. It is an indispensable core component of each hydraulic system. A reasonable choice of hydraulic pump is important for reducing the hydraulic pressure of the horizontal waste paper baler. The energy consumption of the system, improving the efficiency of the system, reducing the noise, improving the performance and ensuring the reliability of the system are all very important.

The principle of selecting hydraulic pumps for automatic baler manufacturers is: According to the working conditions, power and performance requirements of the system of the horizontal waste paper baler, first determine the type of hydraulic pump, and then according to the pressure and flow required by the system The size determines its specification and model.

Generally, gear pumps and double-acting vane pumps can be selected for light-load and low-power hydraulic equipment; for high-precision mechanical equipment (small waste paper baler), double-acting vane pumps and incandescent rod pumps can be used; For mechanical equipment with fast and slow feed (horizontal waste paper baler), automatic baler manufacturers can choose pressure-limiting variable vane pumps and double vane pumps; equipment with large loads and high power (waste paper baler) Machine), plunger pump can be used; auxiliary equipment of mechanical equipment, such as feeding, clamping and other unimportant occasions, can choose low-cost gear pump.