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The Importance Of Travel Switch And Sensing Original In Packaging Equipment

Sep 08, 2020

The importance of travel switch and sensing original in packaging equipment


In addition to the position control, the travel switch is often used as the limit control of the push plate of the waste paper baler to play a safety protection role. In the production of recycled waste paper balers, reciprocating motion is required, and it is required to automatically reciprocate within a certain distance. It is achieved by detecting the relative position of the reciprocating motion through a stroke switch, and then controlling the reversal of the hydraulic valve of the waste paper baler Therefore, this kind of control is called position control or stroke control.

Among the various switches of the waste paper baler, there is a component that has the ability to "perceive" objects approaching it-displacement sensor, which uses the sensitive characteristic of the displacement sensor to approach objects to control the on or off of the switch. This is the proximity switch , When an object moves to the proximity switch and approaches a certain distance, the displacement sensor will "sense" and the switch will act. This distance is usually called the "detection distance", but different proximity switches have different detection distances. , The hydraulic door of the waste paper baler with door is closed by the proximity switch.