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The Reason For The Low Pressure Of Waste Paper Baler

Dec 15, 2020

After purchasing a waste paper baler, some customers will find that the equipment pressure is small, the edges of the punched bales are not neat, and they are also loose, and some of them will be loose during transportation. Ningjin Lite Waste Paper Packaging Machinery The technical personnel of the factory analyzed that the main reasons for the low pressure of the waste paper baler are as follows:

      1. Check whether there is a lot of noise and abnormal noise during high-pressure operation of the oil pump. If there is a problem with the oil pump, confirm the suction and discharge ports of the pump, and be sure to fill the pump with hydraulic oil before starting the hydraulic pump. The oil inlet and outlet of the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler should be well sealed, and no leakage or air can enter. If it is confirmed whether there is air entering, grease the sealing part and see whether the noise of the oil pump is significantly reduced to determine whether there is air entering during the operation of the oil pump.

   2. Whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system when the machine is working and pressing.

  3. Check whether the hydraulic oil quality is up to standard, whether there is pollution, the oil filter is blocked, the liquid flow channel is too small, and the oil viscosity is too high to suck the oil.

     4. Adjust the pressure of the relief valve (note that the oil gauge has not changed, and do not overpressure)

    5. Check whether the motor power of the waste paper baler is insufficient and the speed is too low.

These are the main reasons for the low pressure. If the customer eliminates these hidden dangers in the production, the above problems will not occur. Of course, there are also cases. Whether the customer bought our waste paper baler or not, if there is a problem , You can consult our after-sales service phone, we will serve you free of charge.