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The Requirements For Hydraulic Control Components Of Waste Paper Baler

Feb 20, 2021

The basic requirements for the hydraulic control components of the waste paper baler are as follows:

     (1) Sensitive action, reliable use, low shock and vibration during work, and long service life.

     (2) The pressure loss is small when the oil passes through the hydraulic valve.

     (3) Good sealing performance, less internal leakage and no external leakage.

     (4) The structure is simple, compact and small.

     (5) It is easy to install, adjust and maintain, and has good versatility.

    The hydraulic control components of the waste paper baler refer to various valves. Their function is to control and adjust the flow direction, pressure and flow of the fluid to meet the requirements of starting, stopping, moving direction, force or torque, speed or rotation speed, action sequence and overcoming load required by the actuators of the waste paper baler. So that the system works in coordination according to the specified requirements. No matter what kind of waste paper baler valve, the basic requirements for them are sensitive action, reliable use, good sealing performance, compact structure, convenient installation and adjustment, use and maintenance, and strong versatility.