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The Waste Paper Baler Processes And Reuses Different Grades Of Waste Paper

Feb 17, 2021

Nowadays, a large number of waste newspapers and packaging boxes are randomly discarded in people’s lives. How to use waste paper balers to reuse these waste papers as raw materials is a major topic that the world is working on. . my country is the second largest paper consumer in the world, but the domestic waste paper rate is far lower than the world average of 43%, and now only reaches 30%.

Up to 14 million tons of waste paper can not be effectively carried out each year, but my country's waste paper imports are increasing year by year, accounting for nearly half of the country's waste paper application. Why do we choose to import a large amount of waste paper instead of using a large amount of waste paper resources? This is mainly because our country does not have a sound waste paper system.

The standards for sorting, management, utilization and classification of waste paper are not clear enough. The waste paper is often doped with more impurities, which brings great difficulties to the sorting. In addition, the mixing of waste paper of different grades makes it difficult to process and utilize. In this way, it is necessary to restrict the source of waste paper, that is, to allow citizens to establish a sound environmental awareness. Even if the waste paper cannot be sold for money, it needs to be returned to the waste paper baler station. It cannot be treated as garbage. The purpose of the paper baler: the waste paper baler is not only used to pack waste paper, the waste paper baler is to compress the fluffy materials and pack them into bundles to increase its density, reduce the occupied space, and facilitate transportation.