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The Market Is Weak And Enters The Low Selling Period, And The Signs Of Recovery In The Waste Paper Market Are Unknown.

Jul 18, 2018

In May, we have officially bid farewell to us. This month's "price-adjusted roller coaster" sat down and we were dizzy. The decline began in Zhejiang and spread from East China to the whole country.

At present, the supply and demand of wood pulp paper products are balanced, and the price increase of raw materials is expected to be effectively transmitted. The leading enterprises of wood pulp industry benefit from the self-supplied pulp production capacity, and the cost advantage is obvious. Or it will trigger most paper mills to choose imported paper, pulp paper and wood pulp to make an alternative to waste paper.

Some paper companies have stopped to stabilize their stocks, resulting in a reduction in the overall output of the packaging paper. In addition to responding to environmental inspections, the short-term adjustment is also to avoid the rapid decline of the national waste price, to release the lack of raw materials to the downstream packing station, and to reduce the high-cost finished paper inventory.

According to the paper analysis, affected by the market's “balance of supply and demand”, environmental protection, emerging production capacity, etc., the signs of market recovery are unknown, and the big paper mills have gradually entered a period of low buying. It is expected that in the coming week, the mainstream price of national waste yellow paper will fluctuate slightly at the current high level, and the market may usher in a short delivery period. In terms of external waste, under the current situation that the total import volume is not relaxed in a short period of time, Zhejiang's four paper mills have just received a hot 30,745,000 tons of waste, which still has some impact on the paper price in Zhejiang and even East China.