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Waste Paper Baler Also Needs Continuous Innovation And Promotion

Aug 19, 2020

Waste paper baler also needs continuous innovation and promotion

With the advancement of science and technology, the use of automated and intelligent machinery and equipment continues to be popular in the market, and is well received by users and major enterprises. The same is true in the packaging industry. With the rapid development of high-tech baler production technology in China, intelligent technology, automation technology, multi-functional technology, and integrated technology continue to mature in China's waste paper hydraulic baler products. This is reflected in the equipment we produce. However, if a baler manufacturer wants to adapt to this market trend and not be eliminated by the ever-developing market, it must continue to transform and innovate its waste paper hydraulic baler products. Only in this way can it be recognized by the market and welcomed by people.

   1. At present, 60% of the raw material for papermaking in some developed countries is waste paper, and its recycling rate is as high as 72%. my country’s paper industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid development in demand. It is necessary to reduce dependence on imported raw materials. Waste paper balers rely on domestic raw materials. We must strive to increase domestic wood pulp production and waste paper recycling and utilization.

  2. Strive to develop and construct a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly economy. The use of waste paper to produce all kinds of paper and cardboard can reduce deforestation and waste paper waste. The energy consumption, water consumption, chemical consumption and waste paper pollution load of waste paper pulp are also much lower than that of virgin fiber. Pulp, this is a green project conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection.

  3. How to improve the utilization rate of waste paper, and the widespread promotion of waste paper baler, the utilization is very important. The waste paper baler can pack loose waste paper, which is conducive to the transportation of waste paper, thus achieving the problem of waste paper utilization. With the continuous development of the waste paper industry, the demand for waste paper balers is also growing. Therefore, domestic waste paper baler manufacturers must improve their quality and grasp the market.