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Waste Paper Baler Is An Important Link In Waste Paper Recycling

Oct 27, 2020

   The waste paper baler is an important link in the recycling of waste paper, which is of great significance to the utilization of easily compressible renewable resources such as waste paper. At the same time, my country's waste paper recycling rate is relatively low and needs to be further improved. This also shows that the application of waste paper baler is very necessary and requires further promotion and research.

    In the mid-1970s, hydraulic baling presses began mass production and put into use. In the 1980s, large-tonnage hydraulic balers were also put into use, and my country's waste paper processing technology and technology took a new leap, and the quality of waste paper packaging was comprehensively improved. Practice has proved that the hydraulic baler has compact structure, flexible operation, high degree of automation, long service life, large pressure tonnage, and greatly improved waste paper density. It saves packaging materials and reduces the loss of vehicle transportation. The economic benefits are considerable. However, the hydraulic baler has the problem of inferior quality of hydraulic parts, and at the same time requires maintenance and technical quality of the operator.

   With the continuous expansion of the recycling business of waste materials recycling stations, the throughput of the third plant of the equipment repair center repairing plant has been nearly saturated, and it cannot meet the storage requirements of recycling equipment. Therefore, the main machine of the waste paper baler produced by our factory is easy to operate, flexible in action, and ingenious in design of the package turning mechanism. It can adjust the actual size of the package according to the needs, and quickly realize the operation of packaging and turning. It is simple, practical, fast and convenient. advantage. In addition, the top gland is made of waste hydraulic top beam as the main body. Two protective devices of hydraulic locking and mechanical locking are welded on both sides of the gland to ensure safe operation. Both sides of the waste baler are made of I-shaped steel to ensure compression. When there is enough strength.