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Waste Paper Baler Can Press Those Kinds Of Waste Paper

Sep 24, 2020

1. Book block: the unused book must reach a certain thickness.

2. Used books: regardless of the degree of use.

3. Kraft paper: generally used for packaging.

4. Book core: For new books, remove the cover and the remaining paper from the adhesive (non-coated paper, white paper and black letters, no color).

5. White paper: pure white, no film.

6. Binding paper edge: the paper edge cut off when printing a book, with words.

7. Yellow cardboard: discarded packaging boxes, mainly yellow.

8. Gray card: gray from the outside to the core, with colors available.

9. New newspaper: a newspaper that has not been used.

10. Old newspapers: generally come from used newspapers from waste paper purchase stations.

11. Newspaper: Same quality as newspaper paper, without color words.

12. Coated paper: The paper used for most book covers has no film and has a certain color.

13. Cup paper: paper left over from the production of paper cups (generally paper bowls also belong to this category).

14. Tetra Pak packaging: such as paper milk cartons.

15. Book pages: relatively messy paper, no film, but text. (Non-coated paper)