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Reduced Waste Paper Why Does The Boxboard Corrugated Paper Not Increase In Price?

Jul 26, 2018

1. Direct cause:

The direct reason for this round of price decline is that in early June, large paper mills raised the national waste purchase acceptance criteria. For domestic waste paper whose quality is not up to standard, the price of the factory was reduced by depreciation or deduction, resulting in a decline in the actual transaction price of the country. This reflects the fact that the current paper mill waste paper inventory is not in short supply.

2, deep reasons:

At the end of June, the inventory days of boxboard corrugated paper in South China have reached a relatively high level in the past two years. The deep grassroots research on the downstream enterprises of the packaging paper industry chain in Fujian found that the terminal commodity manufacturers are more pessimistic about the impact of the late trade war on their orders. The enthusiasm declined and the inventory fell. The secondary and tertiary plants in the middle reaches also took the action of reducing the inventory, which made the original paper stock of the current box corrugated paper factory gradually higher.

At the same time, in the second quarter, the use of raw paper for some secondary factories in the middle reaches of Fujian Province has shown a sharp increase. The staged price stability of large factories also has the purpose of curbing the upward trend of imports of imported finished paper.