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Speed up the process of modernization of agriculture

Jun 25, 2018

Recently years, our country introduced a number of measures to help farming animal husbandry and the development of plant industry, which caused the majority of agriculture and animal husbandry and friends of the planting and farming enthusiasm, and before the small-scale retail, in recent years appeared many large acreage of customers, but subsequent is large area of straw had been abandoned in the field, the state in order to solve the straw residues is the introduction of the a number of measures, the related machinery and equipment of special subsidy, directly led to the increasing market demand for silage baling press is strong.

Straw as a kind of renewable resource, more and more widely used. In the last few years. One after another around the investment to build a straw direct combustion power, straw briquette fuel, straw gasification, straw biogas and straw man-made board comprehensive utilization project. Straw deep processing and utilization of research in each of the units concerned. However, there are many different resources, such as the distribution of straw resources, such as wide distribution, not easy to collect, seasonal and collection time is short. Therefore, the work of purchasing and storage has become a key link after use. In recent years with the farmers' enthusiasm for planting industry increased, all kinds of problems caused by straw burning became the problem, although the state has adopted a strict prohibition measures, but did not give a clear solution, not only blocking treatment will not solve the problem, Leling Hongtai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. with the actual the domestic situation, and Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Germany's SIEMENS to launch a new "green" silage baling machine, so that the majority of farmers in receiving food will also recycle straw bale packing, making silage, not only solves the problem of straw burning, but also to change waste into a products available by customers, but also lead the bale packing machine industry new technology development index.