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Thai Customs Will Return 12,000 Tons Of Waste Plastics And E-waste In 45 Days!

Aug 01, 2018

A Thai customs spokesperson said on July 23 that the Customs is preparing to begin a major retreat of plastic waste and e-waste containers.

The Customs will strengthen the customs clearance management measures for plastic waste and electronic waste containers. At present, there are about 12,000 tons of plastic waste and electronic waste in 600 containers. The Customs has notified the importers to clear customs clearance procedures within 30 days in accordance with customs regulations. Days, if the importer still does not go through customs formalities, these containers will be considered as legacy goods (List F) and must be returned.

At present, there are 2,185 containers of plastic waste and electronic waste in the customs warehouse in Thailand, including 2,100 containers containing plastic waste and 85 containers containing electronic waste. In addition, there are 675 containers loaded with plastic waste and electronic waste. The importers have not cleared the customs clearance within 30 days according to the regulations. These goods are listed as (List A), and the customs staff has notified them within 15 days. If it is not processed within the time limit, it will be returned.