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Wear Phenomenon Of Automatic Waste Paper Baler

Sep 25, 2020

Wear phenomenon of automatic waste paper baler

        1. Normal wear and tear. The wear and tear of the automatic waste paper baler within the allowable limit specified in the design becomes the normal wear and tear of the waste paper baler. This kind of wear is generally in the initial stage, because the new friction surface has a certain roughness, the real contact surface is small, and the wear is faster. This is the so-called run-and-match phase. As the surface is gradually flattened and the real contact area increases, the waste paper baler gradually enters a normal and stable wear stage. The friction surface wears slightly and slowly and stably.

   2. Adhesive wear. This kind of wear refers to the phenomenon that the material of the contact surface transfers from one surface to another surface due to solid phase welding at the actual contact point, which is called adhesive wear. When solid phase welding occurs in the waste paper baler, the temperature at the real contact point may or may not exceed the melting point.