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What Are The Reasons For The High Temperature Of The Waste Paper Baler And How To Solve It

Feb 22, 2021

Semi-automatic waste paper baler is a commonly used packaging equipment. Its cost is more than 2 times lower than that of automatic baler and only less than 1,000 yuan more expensive than manual baler. However, it can be tightened, heat capacity, tape cut, Bonding completes the packaging, which saves time and effort than manual packaging machines, and also greatly improves work efficiency. The use of high frequency regardless of seasons will inevitably cause relatively high wear and failure rate, and maintenance costs will increase the production cost of the enterprise. The following is a simple analysis for you when the semi-automatic waste paper baler fails.

   The failure of the semi-automatic waste paper baler not automatically feeding the tape. The possible reasons are as follows:

   1. The selected PP packing tape is too thin or too thick

We often encounter some problems when we are working. Sometimes we will find that the temperature of the waste paper baler is too high. I don’t know why. In fact, the main reason is the temperature of the hydraulic oil inside the waste paper baler. What we should do is to find some solutions for the increase in the temperature of the hydraulic cylinder.

  The design of the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is unreasonable. The waste paper baler system has a large amount of pressure loss during the working process and the reasons for the oil heating are analyzed as follows.

  ① For example, some working mechanisms on the waste paper baler need to maintain high pressure during a certain period of working time, the movement speed of the waste paper baler is very slow, and the waste paper baler even does not move. During the idle stroke, the pressure is lower and the flow requirement is larger. In this case, if the hydraulic pump is selected according to the highest pressure and the largest flow rate in the waste paper baler system (a single quantitative pump for oil supply), when the system is working, a large amount of pressure oil will flow back to the tank through the overflow valve, causing great The pressure loss causes the oil to heat up.

  ② The selection of hydraulic components in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is unreasonable. When the valve is selected, due to the small size, the waste paper baler will lose too much energy and cause the system to heat up, or the flow rate inside the valve will cause noise. When the pump flow of the waste paper baler pump is too large, the excess oil will overflow from the overflow valve and cause heat.

   2. The electromagnet is not working properly

  The possible reason is that the electromagnet does not work. First, check whether the welding head of the electromagnet connection has fallen off. If it does not fall off, check whether the coil is burned out. If there are no problems with these two inspections, check whether the electromagnet is displaced or blocked by dirt, making the bullets unable to move freely.

The above is part of the reason why the oil temperature of the waste paper baler is too high. According to the above, we can always find some solutions to solve the problem. In addition to these, there are many reasons that we need to explore by ourselves and slowly understand. Find the reason.

   At present, there are many manufacturers of PP strapping straps. The quality of the straps on the market is also uneven, and the thickness is also inconsistent. The strapping should be selected according to the requirements of the machine. If you can't do it, you need to carefully adjust the gap of the unwinding roller according to the instruction manual.

   3. There are foreign objects in the upper and lower extensions

   Due to the long-term use of the semi-automatic waste paper baler without timely cleaning and maintenance, the machine has accumulated dirt, so the belt cannot be conveyed smoothly. The solution to this situation is to do more cleaning and maintenance.

  4. Send tape length control potentiometer at zero position

  The solution is to adjust the potentiometer clockwise, the length of the tape out will be longer and counterclockwise, then it will be shorter; if it is at the zero position, the tape will not be out.

   5. Incorrect wear

  The solution is to open the right door of the machine, and pass the belt correctly according to the "threading process method" or the drawing diagram indicated in the manual.

  6. The gap between the belt rollers is incorrect

The size of the gap between the pair of belt-feeding rollers of the semi-automatic waste paper baler plays an important role in the normal belt-feeding problem. The adjustment of the roller gap refers to the instruction manual. The adjustment range of the belt-feeding roller gap is only 0.05 greater than the thickness of the belt. ~1mm is fine.