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What Are The Requirements Of The Plastic Baler For The Production Environment

Feb 19, 2021

    The plastic bottle packing machine has many advantages. When the plastic is punched out, it is beautiful and firm, and the speed is relatively fast, which improves the efficiency of workers' packing, while reducing waste and saving costs.

  Various types of plastic balers are suitable for packing conventional objects, bulky and heavy objects, liquid and powdery falling objects, particularly wide objects and pressurized balers.

  So for the plastic baler, what are the installation environment and attention issues? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction.

  First is the overall environment where the plastic baler is placed. Be sure not to choose a place where the sun can get direct sunlight, or a place with too much dust, which is very easy to cause machine pollution, and the operator is not conducive to cleaning. Being in this environment for a long time will cause great damage to the equipment. Yes, it can't be too humid. We know that a too humid environment can easily cause a short circuit, and the equipment's wire failure rate will increase.

  Secondly, when we are operating the machine, we must ensure that the power connection of our machine is correct, the wire is grounded, and that our machine is operating normally during operation.

  Finally, after the machine is used for a long time, its heating plate will be very hot, so please do not touch the heating plate of the machine directly with your hands to avoid unnecessary harm to people. When the equipment is working, it is not allowed to cross the track with the head and hand. This behavior is quite dangerous. We must remember to be safe. The heating plate is what we call the ironing head. This is one of the main wearing parts of the packaging equipment. After a long time of use, it will definitely cause the wear of the machine, so we must pay attention to replacement.

There is also that after we have finished packing, the packing belt is returned to the reel. The packing belt of this machine is not directly transported from the packing reel to the core position, but from the storage box of the plastic packing machine. For the movement, the packing tape in the storage box is stored in a "Z" shape, so it will be bent if it is not taken out for a long time, so that the tape will not be in place or jammed when it is used again the next day .