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What Are The Shortcomings Of The Domestic Waste Paper Baler Industry?

Nov 03, 2020

The domestic waste paper baler industry was born in a market economy and is basically freely combined by enterprises. Compared with other machinery industries, waste paper baler is a relatively slow-developing industry, which has its own shortcomings.

It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: because of the different origins of various enterprises (state-owned, collective, private), the funds, equipment, and technical strength are very different, and the starting points are also different. The overall trend is that there are fewer high starting points, and most companies are hovering on low-level equipment. There are many in production in a region, with high repeatability, fierce price competition, and weak profit.

Now our country's fully automatic waste paper baler is not only to be developed in the country, our country's products are already relatively advanced, so we should gradually expand the foreign market. So slowly grow your company. Nowadays, people pay attention to the brand no matter what they buy. Therefore, the waste paper baler industry should adopt the brand strategy. Companies that adhere to the "quality-oriented" first have the foundation to create a famous brand, and continue to innovate in the competition. The application of technology and the exploration of cutting-edge technology, to create a branded waste paper baler, go abroad, and go to the world!