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What Are The Tips For Buying A Cost-effective Baler

Aug 25, 2020

The baler is a more common packaging equipment currently on the market, mainly for packaging products such as cartons or some woven bags, and there are many types of balers, so how can customers buy from many equipment There are certain skills in the cost-effective packaging equipment.

   There are some problems that often exist in the market nowadays. I hope you will pay attention to it when you buy and see if there are similar situations.

   1. Generally, the tightening force of the baler on the market does not meet the standard requirements

  The standard stipulates that when the width of the semi-automatic baler is ≥13.5mm, the single-lane tightening force is ≥250N, and when the width is <13.5mm, the single-lane tightening force is ≥200N. The single-track large-bundle tightness of the automatic baler ≥ 700N. The baler produced in Nantong has the difference between a semi-automatic baler and a fully automatic baler. Our customers can take a look at the baler on the spot and see how our binding force is;   

   2. The power supply of the packer is unstable

The standard stipulates that when the deviation between the power supply voltage and the rated voltage does not exceed -10% and +5%, the machine should work normally, but some packers on the market cannot work normally when the power supply voltage fluctuates, especially when the low-voltage wave occurs. phenomenon. Therefore, when our customers buy the baler, we should pay attention to it. The power supply of the baler must confirm the phases of the machine. We must also pay attention to the installation to prevent accidents.

   3. The assembly quality of the baler is not good enough

  The assembly quality of some baler products is not good enough, resulting in loud noises, abnormal noise during operation, and prone to jamming. Some people think that the production of baler is very simple, and the simple organization of the purchased accessories is good. Now the failure rate of domestic balers is relatively high. We also know why Japanese machines are sold relatively high. We have to say that their machines are of very good quality. Our Nantong designs and manufactures according to Japanese technology. Double-motor semi-automatic baler, this baler equipment has a low failure rate.