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What Are The Waste Paper Baler Manufacturers Who Have Set Up Distributors Locally? What Are The Main Problems Facing?

Sep 02, 2020

What are the waste paper baler manufacturers who have set up distributors locally? What are the main problems facing?

We often receive telephone inquiries from customers of waste paper balers, asking whether we have a distributor in their local area. The main points that customers care about are nothing more than two points:

1. I want to see the physical objects of waste paper baler equipment.

2. After-sales service.

In response to the inquiries of purchasers, we will answer in detail the questions about the dealers of the horizontal waste paper baler manufacturers.

1. The horizontal hydraulic waste paper baler is a large-scale mechanical equipment with a relatively large area, and the equipment price is not cheap, usually more than 100,000. Generally, large hydraulic waste paper baler equipment manufacturers will not set up distributors to do business. Place. Because if you set up a dealer, there will be various difficulties such as inventory and recovery of the remaining funds.

2. If customers want to watch the waste paper baler equipment, they can consult the local customer of the waste paper baler manufacturer for on-site inspection and consultation.

3. Distributors and offices are generally not necessarily linked to after-sales service. Generally, professional and capable waste paper baler equipment manufacturers will focus on after-sales installation and maintenance. The after-sales maintenance by the manufacturer can greatly improve work efficiency. , Because the replacement of parts and the level of maintenance are guaranteed, of course, the cost of maintenance will be relatively reasonable, after all, manufacturers will commission the effect of the product brand through services.