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What Is The Method To Extend The Service Life Of Waste Cardboard Baler?

Oct 23, 2020

  Waste cardboard baler is now used by many large enterprises. The automatic packing machine has high working efficiency, simple and convenient operation and convenient use. After using the automatic baler for a long time, it will definitely cause his wear and tear. How can I guarantee his long-term use?

  First of all, we need to formulate rules and regulations for the cleaning and maintenance of the baler, and record each time the baler is maintained.

  The surface of the waste cardboard baler should be cleaned and cleaned before or after use;

  The belt of the waste cardboard baler should also be cleaned;

  There are also consumable parts of the waste cardboard baler, such as blades, thermal heads, etc. They also need to be cleaned.

  Secondly, according to the usage of the waste cardboard baler, it is necessary to preheat the hot head of the baler to ensure that the baler can complete the packaging work while it is working.

  In addition, when using a waste cardboard baler, the operator should always pay attention to the use of the baler. If the baler makes abnormal noise or has any problems, we need to turn off the power in time to prevent accidents.

  When the waste cardboard baler adjusts the thermal head of the baler, do not adjust the temperature too high, otherwise it will damage the packaging and bonding of the baler.

  After long-term use of the waste cardboard baler, our operators should lubricate the various components of the baler to ensure that the various components can work properly.

  When workshop staff repair the strapping machine, they need to record the machine's failure every time to facilitate future inquiries.

  When operating the strapping machine, shop operators need not to insert the machine into the machine while the strapping machine is working to prevent danger.

  Before working, the operator needs to use compressed air to blow the inside of the machine in order to easily collect dust and fixed parts. Use a blade to scrape away the thermal adhesive residue on the hot head; clean the dirt on the hot exhaust fan.