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What Is The Reason Why The Electromagnet Of The Waste Cardboard Baler Does Not Work Properly

Oct 26, 2020

       The electromagnet of the waste cardboard baler is not working properly. The electromagnet does not work. First check whether the solder joint is disconnected, and then check whether the coil is burnt. If there is no abnormality, check if the electromagnet is dislocated or blocked by the stolen material so that the bullet cannot move freely. The temperature of the horizontal waste paper packer and heater can be temporarily arranged through the internal temperature scheduler. Generally, the scale "4" with the best entry condition is arranged. The whole consumption process does not have heating, doping or other processes, and is directly cold pressed. , Forming together also ensures the same original material. For example, use cast iron scraps instead of cast iron after forming. For castings with special raw materials, recycling is of greater significance.

      The advantages of the waste cardboard baler in the packaging waste carton, used to basically use rope for manual packaging, but the waste cardboard baler can quickly improve work efficiency, and the safety of packaging is also very good. Therefore, the waste cardboard baler is widely used and applied to the industrial production industry. With the continuous development of the society, the requirements of packaging are constantly improving, and the technology is constantly improving and becoming more intelligent. As a result, the improvement of industrial efficiency driven by it is also obvious, so waste paper baler manufacturers have also brought no small changes to the progress of the industry.

      With people’s demand, there will be more and more packaging cartons. It is believed that the use of waste paper balers will become wider and wider, and people’s understanding of waste paper balers will also increase, and the development of packaging stations will also Getting better and better.