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What Performance Is Required For The Oil Of The Waste Paper Baler?

Aug 26, 2020

What performance is required for the oil of the waste paper baler?

1. It has good lubrication performance. The working fluid in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is not only used to transfer energy, but also to lubricate the friction surfaces of the hydraulic components. In some machine tools, the oil source of the machine tool lubrication system comes from the hydraulic system, and the same oil pump is used for the hydraulic system. Therefore, hydraulic oil should have high oil film strength and good lubrication performance within the range of working temperature and pressure changes to avoid dry friction.

2. The quality should be pure and free of impurities. If it contains moisture, it will reduce the lubrication performance of the waste paper baler oil; containing mechanical impurities will block the throttle orifice and jam the valve core; the acid and alkali will corrode the metal and damage the sealing structure; the table will contain volatile substances. The liquid thickens and produces bubbles, which destroys the stability of the transmission.

3. The oil should not be easily oxidized to prevent the production of gums and asphaltenes due to oxidation and deterioration of the oil. The impurities formed by oxides can also block the oil circuit and destroy the normal operation of the waste paper baler system.


4. Where fire prevention is required, the burning point of oil should be high; in cold climates, the freezing point of oil should be low.


5. Non-toxic, no effect on human health.