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What Problems Should Be Prevented In The Long-term Application Of Waste Paper Baler?

Nov 11, 2020

When the waste paper baler is used for a long time, it seems that it is not easy to automatically laser cut the audio tape, which will also make the operator very painful. This will be due to the diversity of basic machinery and equipment, and then irregularities. In the case of maintenance and repair, common fault conditions such as loose parts often occur;

1. The belt thickness adjustment gap of the packaging is very large, which cannot meet the requirements of the lashing tightness of the waste paper baler. The lashing wheel is in a deviation situation from beginning to end, it is not easy to tighten and does not break the broken belt;

2. The tightening force of machinery and equipment is relatively large. The use of waste paper baler must adjust the tightening force according to commodity regulations. The tightening force adjustment device is set in the inner right rear end of the large and medium spring. The tightening force will be tighter;

3. When the tool set cannot work normally, the key common fault is the destruction of the camshaft of the ejector;

4. There is little oil in the knife set, especially the middle ejector and the right ejector, which are rusty and unable to grow and develop, which will harm the bonding of the belt and the actual effect of laser cutting;

5. The belt is very slack, and when retracting and tightening the belt during the long-term application period, the fully automatic and fully automatic assembly line cannot show the driving force for the waste paper baler. In addition, the belt is slippery, and the waste paper baler is not easy to disconnect the belt. It will also harm the tightening force.