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What Should We Pay Attention To When Using The Packing Tape?

Feb 07, 2018

1, before sending the power must be sure to turn off the motor and electric power switch.

2, check connected to the circulation of cooling water is smooth. The strapping machine must be activated and hot to ensure that the hydraulic oil and the recirculating cooling water in the cartridge are open and clear.

3, the package with the machine starts, the first use of jogging start (that is, press the motor start button, the motor starts, and then disconnect, 1-2 seconds later, and then repeat the start and disconnect 3 to 4 times when the pump , When the motor is running, listen to whether there is any abnormal noise, abnormal noise should stop operation immediately.

4, Check the parameters of the machine in the operation of the operation, the first machine in a manual state, press the button, visual pressure gauge, you can predict the pressure of each section, when the screw is not heated to the set value (normal operation Temperature) Remember not to boot, otherwise it may lead to packing machine screw failure or damage.

5, check and adjust the various functions of belt packing machine parameters, should try to turn off the motor, pump power. If this is unavoidable, special care should be taken not to allow one hand to operate the keys on the control panel of the machine while the other hand does any work within the area of the lock mold area or contact any moving parts on the strapping machine, absolutely prohibiting two persons from operating A belt machine: (that is, a person operating the packing machine control panel keys, while the other in the mode of operation within the area or are in contact with the moving parts)

6, check the safe operation of the machine: the packing belt machine in a manual state, press the button to open the packing machine to fully open the mold to the end position, then observe the machine mold opening position is in the set position, if the mold out Set the end position, the machinery has trouble, the machine can not work.

7, check the packing belt machine or packing belt machine to do any work, press any moving parts, pressure electrical parts, be sure to remember safety issues, be sure to cut off the pump motor power to ensure safety.

8, downtime In the completion of work or when a power outage, in order to safety and protection of electrical equipment, the power switch should be disconnected.

Remember: Failure to implement the operating procedures set forth above may result in serious danger and damage to the packing tape.