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What To Do If The Hydraulic Baler Encounters A Cassette During Work

Jul 28, 2020

What to do if the hydraulic baler encounters a cassette during work

The processing method for the cassette of the hydraulic baler is to disassemble the washer of the hexagonal nut, remove the connecting shaft, pick up the upper turbine, remove the jam, and open the two M5 countersunk screws on the middle connecting shaft. Hydraulic baler Since the two screws are fixed on the notch part of the connecting shaft, the screws must be turned up and assembled and restored according to the above cba method. At this time, pay attention to keeping the gap between the nut and the L-shaped curved plate of 0.3-0.5 mm.

We all know that when the straw hydraulic baler is in use, it will encounter various other situations. For example, we will also encounter the phenomenon of no action when the oil pump is started. At this time, the overflow valve spool is stuck and the adjustment The pressure handle is loose.

If you encounter the hydraulic baler cleaning the overflow valve, check the spool and spring, and tighten the adjustment handle to the appropriate position.