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Where Is The Prone To Damage Of The Waste Paper Baler?

Oct 16, 2020

       The electrical control part of the waste paper baler is mainly composed of PLC, motor, relay, and switch electrical components. Among these parts, the motor and electrical components are easily damaged. Daily precautions for the packaging electrical control box:

   1. Pay attention to the power cord grounding, lightning protection, rain protection and moisture protection.

  2. Non-professional operators of the electric control cabinet are prohibited from using it.

  3. Pay attention to the antifreeze work of the motor and the long-term overload of the motor. Effective prevention of these two can greatly reduce the damage of the motor and maintain the normal packaging of the waste paper baler.

  4. Pay attention to the button operation of the console. Do not use excessive force on the switch button, and prevent misoperation to avoid short circuit damage.

  The prevention of failures that are easy to occur in the work of the automatic waste paper baler is to further check the damage of the internal parts of the waste paper baler, and remove the damaged parts for repair or replacement. This helps to improve the efficiency and service life of the waste paper baler. It will help us to better produce and create profits!

Strictly follow the correct disassembly and assembly methods of the waste paper baler, use appropriate disassembly and assembly tools correctly, and avoid damaging the waste paper baler by violently hitting. It is strictly forbidden to use a hammer to hit the working surface of the parts. At the same time, you can use a copper or lead hammer, or add a soft pad between the work and the vertical head. It is not allowed to use measuring tools and files instead of hammers, and use blunderheads and chisel instead of wrenches. From the surface to the inside, from the assembly to the components to the parts, disassemble step by step, disassembling and inspecting.

  The disassembled parts of the waste paper baler equipment should be placed in the wooden frame, wooden box or parts tray in order to prevent the parts from being scattered, damaged or rusted due to moisture. So as to avoid confusion during assembly. The disassembly of the waste paper baler should be prepared for the baler assembly. Check the mark and make a mark. Timing gears, crankshafts and flywheels, connecting rods and connecting rod covers, complete processing or optional coupling parts, and other non-interchangeable parts, should be marked according to the original position or sequence before disassembly, so as to avoid confusion during assembly . Parts should be classified and stored according to their size, degree, and assembly to avoid mixing or damage.

   At this stage, the application of waste paper balers is more and more widespread, and the number of manufacturers using waste paper balers has also increased. In the process of using waste paper baler, many companies will encounter such and other problems. Next, the editor will analyze the difficulty of pushing the waste paper baler for you.

   It is necessary to check whether there are foreign objects in the waste paper baler, and then check whether the screws are loose, which affects the normal transportation of the packing belt. Be sure to strictly control the gap of the belt, generally between 0.5-1.0 cm. Check whether the bearing of the conveyor baler is broken, and the improper position of the crossbar will also cause the problem of difficulty in unwinding.