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Why Is It Said That The Waste Paper Baler Is An Environmentally Friendly Machine With Excellent Performance

Sep 03, 2020

Why is it said that the waste paper baler is an environmentally friendly machine with excellent performance


The good market reputation of Nantong waste paper baler is inseparable from the enterprise development spirit of unremittingly pursuing the technological progress of baler. Since the development of the factory, the baler technology has continuously made breakthroughs.

Environmental protection and energy saving waste paper baler is one of our future development directions, so the following will introduce in detail the environmental performance advantages of our waste paper baler:

1. Patented rapid pressurization technology, that is, while maintaining a certain power displacement of the motor oil pump, the upper limit of the oil cylinder pressure is increased, the travel speed of the oil cylinder is accelerated, the energy consumption is reduced while the work output is increased, and the overall work efficiency of the baler is improved And usage cost.

2. High and low pressure system technology, under the condition of ensuring the same packing pressure and packing quality, it can save electricity by 50%, which greatly saves the electricity cost of packing station customers. At present, the machine has been put into market experiment and the effect has been verified.

Environmental protection has become the focus of today's social development. In the future, we will also improve the performance of the baler to the greatest extent in the process of designing and manufacturing the baler, and vigorously promote the new environmental protection and power-saving baler equipment to achieve the development of the baler Low energy consumption and high performance.