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Working Principle Of Waste Paper Baler

Nov 10, 2020

There are many popular names for automatic waste paper box baler. Common ones are: automatic hydraulic waste paper baler, horizontal automatic waste paper baler, automatic compressed waste paper baler, automatic waste paper baler, full Automatic waste paper hydraulic baler, waste paper automatic baler, automatic horizontal waste paper baler, etc. The working principle of the automatic waste paper baler: The waste paper hydraulic baler lead frame is composed of 4 sets of wire devices installed on a frame. The entire lead frame is suspended on a central axis of the compression frame, and is opposite under the action of a hydraulic motor. The compression frame moves in a horizontal direction. The compression frame is a welded component. The bottom is equipped with wheels, which can be moved horizontally along the main slide rail under the push of a hydraulic cylinder. The lifting platform is mainly formed by bolting two horizontal beams, and the lifting platform can move up and down in the vertical direction under the push of two hydraulic cylinders. The whole packing process consists of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outgoing up, outgoing down, and receiving. The main purpose of the conveyor is to provide the host with compressible raw materials in a timely manner, because manual feeding is almost impossible. The working efficiency of the main machine is high, and the insufficient supply of raw materials will reduce the efficiency of the whole machine. The conveyor of the waste paper baler works in unison with the host, and does not affect each other. When the main engine silo is full, the conveyor will automatically stop feeding and wait for the main engine to compress and pack. After the host completes a compression and packing process, the conveyor automatically supplies waste paper. Utilizing the time gap between the two to work uninterruptedly, the overall efficiency of the equipment is improved.